International transfers

Send U.S. dollars to American accounts and receive money from anywhere in the world

Nomad allows you to make and receive international transfers in a simplified, quick, and safe way

De Nomas para Nomad
Transferências entre contas Nomad são instantâneas e totalmente gratuitas, facilitando a divisão de pagamentos entre amigos e envio de recursos para familiares.
Envie ou receba dinheiro por meio da Wire
Transferir para outras contas americanas fica muito mais fácil e econômico Wire: por US$ 10, uma das menores taxas do mercado, o dinheiro cai em até 3 dias úteis.

Receiving money from the U.S.A. is easy

Receba dinheiro de uma conta americana de um jeito simples: basta informar os seus dados para a pessoa que fará a transferência.

From you to yourself

Request a deposit to your Nomad account using the method ACH Pull from another American account you own. It’s quick and easy!

Transfer safely

All transfers made by Nomad account require a verification code that is sent to the registered phone, helping make this transaction safer.
Com a conta global Nomad você pode:

Transfers made easy with Nomad

Receive your salary and payments from anywhere in the world.
Send U.S. dollars to family, friends, and whoever else you wish.
Transfer money to salespeople from abroad and receive products in Brazil.

Download the app now and enjoy international transfers with Nomad

Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer funds in my Nomad account to international banks?

Yes! You can transfer money from your Nomad account to other accounts across the world. For each transfer, a US$ 10 fee is charged.

Where can I find my Nomad account information?

Your Nomad bank account information can be found in the app section “Add money” > “Conversion balance: add new”

What is the quote used for transfers?

When converting your funds to U.S. dollars, we consider the commercial American dollar rate which is updated minute to minute. This improves your chances of getting the best exchange rate!