Add money in installments

Experience the convenience of adding money to your account through flexible and practical installment payments

When buying U.S. dollars in installments with your Brazilian credit card, you'll receive the money in your Nomad account in 1 business day.

How does it work?

It enables you to effortlessly add funds to your account paying into 3, 6, or 9 convenient installments, all with the speed and convenience of your app.

*This product is subject to prior analysis

Adding money in installments has never been so easy

You also avoid the high fees of conventional remittances. At Nomad, you have a world of benefits, such as:

More security

Headquartered in the United States, the Nomad account is secured for up to USD 250,000 by our banking partner, member of FDIC.

Add money to your account in installments

Installment allows you more control over your finances.

More flexibility to use your dollars while traveling

Divide the amounts of your past transactions into installments with Nomad.

Start adding money in installments right now!


Access your checking account and click on the banner

Add money to your account in installments and have more practicality.


Define the amount of U.S. dollars and choose the number of installments

Dollars will be credited to your account within 1 business day after confirmation of the installments plan.


The installments will be charged in reals, according to the exchange rate of the day of the transaction

Simulate the transaction on the app to view the cost of your installments plan, which will vary depending on the number of installments.

Very simple, isn't it? Open your account now and enjoy this additional convenience when traveling abroad.

Use around the world

Nomad Installments Plan is perfect for you to use over 180 countries into installments.

Check out how much you would pay for an iPhone if using Nomad Installments!

Approximate price in U.S. dollars: $799.00

In Brazil

BRL 7.599,00
High cost regardless of payment terms

Abroad without Nomad Installments

BRL 4.365,58*
High commitment of the amount set aside for the trip

With the Nomad Installments

BRL 4.344,13
More flexibility to spend on your trip

*Considering an average of 7% service fee charged by Brazilian banks on international credit cards and an official exchange rate of R$5.05.

Nomad Installments banner on the app

Only those who are Nomad have these benefits

Flexibility when you're traveling! Only holders of a global, digital account at Nomad can benefit from discounts on:

Travel Tickets
Car rental
and other conveniences
Travel insurance
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Get more freedom and flexibility with Nomad

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