Transparent exchange rates

Save money converting Brazilian reais to U.S. dollars with the commercial rate and use it around the world

No more abusive fees

Economize até 10% em comparação com o uso do cartão de crédito tradicional ou com a compra de dólares em casas de câmbio
Icone taxa

Official exchange rate

Make exchange transactions through the app with the U.S. dollar official exchange rate and save money. 
Icone percentual

The best fee

The service fee can’t increase from 1% with the Nomad Pass fidelity program.
Icone taxa

Reduced financial transaction tax (IOF)

Save money in the exchange rate with the reduced tax from 5,38% to 0,38% (investment accounts) or 1,1% (checking account).

Add money safely and easily

  1. Transfer money from your Brazilian checking account to your Nomad global account.
  2. Check your balance in Brazilian reais directly in Nomad’s app.
  3. Choose the checking account or investment account to convert and see what the quote is at that very moment.
  4. Starting from R$ 500, you can already turn your reais into U.S. dollars.
  5. Complete the conversion and receive your U.S. dollars within instants into your Nomad account.

Nomad Pass

Gain points in Nomad’s loyalty program and get exclusive benefits and discounts

All within a single app 

Travel, buy around the world, save money, or invest in global markets? You can have it all with Nomad!
Add money to your checking account or investment account with the best fee and U.S. dollar commercial rate.
Icone Dollar
Dólar comercial
Até 2% de taxa de serviço
1.1% de IOF
Icone investimentos
Dólar comercial
Até 2% de taxa de serviço
0.38% de IOF

Câmbio facilitado

Escolha manter o saldo em dólar ou retorne os valores para o Brasil de forma simples e com IOF de apenas 0,38%.

Gerencie sua conta

Acompanhe seu extrato e histórico de operações de câmbio no app com facilidade e transparência.

No borders for your money

Having balance in your account means you can already enjoy all the benefits of having a complete digital account:
Activate your virtual card and start to use it instantaneously.
Just a few clicks away from making transfers to American accounts.
Invest in stocks, ETFs, and REITs directly into the American stock exchange.

Download the app now and buy U.S. dollars with Nomad

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the information to add funds to my Nomad account?

Are there any operation limits on my account?