Buying abroad

Use the Nomad card for purchases in physical and virtual stores

With the Nomad international debit card, you can shop abroad with convenience and economy

Icone taxa
Buy online on eBay
Subscribe to digital services
Icone amazon
Order on Amazon
Save on souvenirs

Buy there, receive here

Shop online on international websites and receive your products in Brazil.

Contactless payment

Use the Nomad card connected to your mobile phone’s wallet and get more convenience when paying.

Your money without borders

Faça compras com a segurança e vantagens de um cartão Mastercard®, aceito em mais de 50 milhões de estabelecimentos pelo mundo.
Conheça os produtos para você comprar online no exterior:

On purchases of US$2,000 abroad,
you save up to 10%

Icone cartão de débito
With other credit cards
R$ 11.649
Icone cartão de débito
With Nomad’s debit card
R$ 10.623

Subscribe to digital services around the world

Avoid the tourism dollar and get the best exchange rate to subscribe to streamings, platforms and transportation apps abroad.

Icone percentual

Without Nomad: more fees, less control

  • Tourist dollar
  • 5.38% IOF tax
  • From 4% to 7% service fee
Icone Nomad

With Nomad: you’re in control, no invoice

  • Official exchange rate
  • 1.1% IOF tax
  • Starting with 1% service fee

Download the app now and buy internationally with Nomad

Frequently asked questions

How does the Nomad card work?