Saving money and investing

Create your financial reserve in U.S. dollars and diversify your investments

Have access to a complete platform to save money and invest in U.S. dollars, one of the strongest currencies in the world’s economy

Invest according to your goals

Open your account and discover your investor profile in our app.

  • Conservative: prefers to give up from possible high returns, to invest in options with lower risk.
  • Moderate: gives importance to security, but also seeks to be more flexible regarding risks because of the possibility of higher returns.
  • Bold: seeks high returns and tolerates more risks than other investor profiles.
Icone Brasil

Without Nomad

  • Brokerage fee and additional costs that impact dividends and asset prices
  • Lower liquidity and low trading volume
  • No Income Tax exemption
  • Assets traded in Real
  • Confusing old home broker for beginner investors
Icone Nomad

With Nomad

  • No intermediates or monthly maintenance fee
  • Greater liquidity and ease of selling assets
  • Income Tax exemption on sales of up to BRL 35,000 per month
  • Assets traded in dollars
  • User-friendly interface and better user experience

Avoid exchange rate variation and inflation

Protect your assets from global crises by creating a financial reserve in U.S. dollars, a strong currency

Invest directly abroad

Make contributions in international markets without intermediates, with reduced IOF on the exchange rate and without brokerage fees.

Diversify your portfolio

Invest in a variety of assets in the U.S. market, such as stocks, fixed income securities, real estate and investment funds.
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