International debit card

Buy products and make withdrawals around the world with more safety, economy, and practicality

International debit card Mastercard® accepted in over 35 million establishments around the world without annual or activation fees

Virtual card

Use it in online shopping and contactless payments.

Physical card

To save in the U.S. dollar rate and travel safely without cash.

Phone payments

Add your virtual or physical card to your phone’s digital wallet using apps like Apple Play, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Paypal.

Nomad is by your side everywhere

Viaje, compre e faça saques em mais de 180 países. Você escolhe o destino, a Nomad te acompanha

Easy withdrawals

Unlimited withdrawals, without fee, in Allpoint ATMs. Click here to find the closest ATM near you.

Find the closest ATM

Use Nomad’s app to find out where you can withdraw money abroad.
Icone viajar

No worries while traveling

You don’t have to send a travel notice ahead of time to be able to shop internationally.
Your Nomad card already works globally; you can use the app to block or unblock it whenever needed.

A whole world of exclusive benefits

Save on tickets for attractions in the U.S. and Canada.
US$ 10 cashback
Get cashback when booking international hotels.
2% cashback
Rent vehicles using your Nomad card in different countries.
Up to 20% discount + US$ 10 cashback
Travel safely by saving on travel insurance.
30% discount
Buy data to use in your phone internationally
20% discount

Your second passport to the world

Icone viagens

Now you can enjoy cashless travels

and save up to 10% in comparison to using a traditional credit card.
Icone compras

In-store and virtual shopping abroad

making payments, and signing up for digital services in different countries.

Download the app now and get your international card with Nomad

Frequently asked questions

How does the Nomad card work?

Nomad card is an international Mastercard® debit card, without an annual fee, which is accepted in over 180 countries. You can use it both in virtual or physical versions, as well as enjoy free withdrawals in Allpoint ATMs around the world.

How do I get my Nomad virtual card?

Your card is automatically created as soon as your account opening is completed. To activate the card, you must make a first deposit, with no minimum value determined.

Where can I use my card?

Your card has the Mastercard® flag and can be used in physical and virtual stores in more than 180 countries, like Germany, Canada, United States, Spain, Belgium, France, and many others!

How do I get the physical version of my Nomad card?

Anyone can solicit the physical version of their Nomad card by following the instructions on their app: 

1. Go to the section "Cards";

2. Select option "Physical card";

3. Click on "Solicitate my card" and fill in the requested information; 

4. Done! Just wait for your card. 

Should I pay any fee to request my physical card?

Not at all! The request and utilization of the card are free of charge. In some cases, by soliciting the sending of the card to an address in Brazil, you might get charged a shipping fee of US$ 20.

How to make withdrawals in ATMs around the world?

You can withdraw money by simply inserting your card into the ATM and typing your password when requested. You can also use your virtual card for the operation if the ATM allows contactless withdrawal.