International Card

Save up to 10% on your purchases abroad in over 180 countries

Nomad Visa debit card is accepted at over 35 million stores worldwide with no annual fee or activation fee

Virtual card

For use in online shopping and contactless payments.

Physical card

Allows saving on the dollar exchange rate and traveling safely without cash.

Pay with your mobile phone

Link the physical or virtual card to your mobile phone’s digital wallet, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or PayPal.

Take Nomad with you

Viaje, compre e faça saques em mais de 180 países. Você escolhe o destino, a Nomad te acompanha

Withdraw money easily

Make unlimited, with no fee, from MoneyPass’ ATMs network. Click here and find the nearest ATM.
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Find the nearest ATM

Use the Nomad app to find out where to withdraw money abroad.
Icone viajar

Peace of mind to travel

You don’t need to give advance notice of your trip to be able to make international purchases.
Your Nomad card already operates globally, and you can block and unblock the card through the app whenever you want.

A world of exclusive benefits

Save on entertainment tickets in the U.S. and Canada.
USD 10 cashback
Earn cashback when booking international hotels.
2% cashback
Rent vehicles with your Nomad card in many countries.
Up to 20% discount
Travel with peace of mind while saving on travel insurance.
30% off
Buy internet data plans for your trip.
20% off

Your second passport to the world

Icone viagens

Travel without having to carry cash

and save up to 10% compared to other credit cards.
Icone compras

Buy in physical and virtual stores abroad

and make payments and subscribe to digital services in several countries.

Download the app now and create your digital account in just a few minutes

Frequently asked questions

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