About Nomad

We are a Brazilian fintech that since 2020 has been operating with the aim of providing Brazilians with access to a global financial life, offering simplicity, security and savings in international transactions.

Through a single app, we offer different financial solutions, such as contracting foreign exchange transactions, a US bank account and access to international investments, including stocks and ETFs traded on the main US exchanges.

With us, it is possible to build wealth in dollars, in addition to making transfers and international purchases with reduced IOF, thus generating savings of up to 10%, compared to the use of a traditional credit card.

Nomad card is accepted in more than 180 countries for in-person and virtual purchases, in addition to allowing withdrawals at ATMs. The investment services offered are intermediated by Mogno Capital DTVM Ltda.

Make global financial services more democratic and accessible.
Offer a fundamental solution so that Brazilians can shop and spend in US dollars.

Today we are:

+ 1 million


82 NPS

for customers traveling using Nomad

*NPS - Net Promoter Score, a metric that measures the customer loyalty index, for the 2nd quarter of 2023 (April, May and June)

+ BRL 2 billion

in assets under custody

+ BRL 1 billion

in volume of card transactions processed

+ BRL 5 billion

in international transfers

Data updated as of the end of the last accounting cycle [2023].

Nomad on the media

Nomad, which offers a US account to Brazilians, raises BRL 300 million. And it’s already worth BRL 1.8 billion

The expectation is that they close 2023 with revenues of BRL 250 million, a fourfold increase over 2022.

M&A in fintechs: Nomad buys Husky to expand the global financial life of Brazilians

The acquisition of Husky comes six months after Nomad raised USD 32 million in a round with Monashees and Spark Capital funds.

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Nomad announces global funds starting at USD 1

In an exclusive disclosure to Broadcast, Nomad announced it is launching three global investment funds; check it out.

See how much you need to invest to have passive income of up to USD 5 thousand

As with Real Estate Investment Funds (Flls), REITs can help Brazilians achieve financial independence.

Nomad, which offers accounts in dollars, surpasses 1.5 million customers and expects to triple its revenue in 2023

The fintech expects to reach financial balance by December

Nomad is Brazil’s representative at the G20 for startups

Fintech Nomad is Brazil’s representative at Startup20, G20’s Engagement Group for specific and priority agendas.

One day or the other, you will talk about Nomad, the Brazilian fintech for remittances and investments

With the accelerated return of international travel, the fintech reaches BRL 1 billion in remittances

Nomad receives investment of BRL 160 million and plans expansion

In a new round, the fintech founded in 2019 was valued at BRL 1 billion

Payment solution for B2B customers

Husky is your checking account for payments in Brazil

Pay your workforce and charge people at a glance.

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Big companies trust Husky with their payments:

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