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What is Nomad about? We’re a company that allows you to expand your financial borders and become a citizen of the world. Here, your money is worth beyond. Enjoy everything the world has to offer with exclusive convenience and functionality!

Nomad is for those who seek more than a bank. Through the app, you can create your American bank account and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, uniquely thought for you by Nomad.

We have exclusive services customized to offer more comfort and practicality for those who travel or need to use U.S. dollars for whatever reason – without bureaucracy and at a low cost- ensuring you have the best customer service available should you need any assistance.


Make global financial services more democratic and accessible.


To offer a fundamental solution that allows Brazilians to buy and make purchases using American dollars.

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Understand our rules and documentation

Nomad offers the opening of bank accounts in the United States to non-residents. Fund transfers from Brazil to the U.S. are held by Banco Ourinvest S.A, whose company from the company group Nomad is headquartered in Brazil Nomad Tecnologia e Participações Ltda. (CNPJ*/ME number 34.662.852/0001-66 is a currency exchange banking correspondent, as established by the Resolução CMN* 4.935, from 29/July/2021. Banco Ourinvest S.A (customer service +55 11 4081-4444) | +55 11 3171-3003 (for people with hearing disabilities) and Ombudsman 0800-603-4444 | 0800-775-4000 | ouvidoria@ourinvest.com.br (is not an associated company, correlated or controlled, either from Nomad Fintech Inc or Nomad Tecnologia e Participações Ltda.). Brazil's Federal Bank (Banco Central do Brasil) customer service phone number is 145.

We work alongside our business partner Synapse Financial Inc., which is a financial services software company, not a banking institution. Financial services offered by Synapse, related to its access to banking features in our platform, are offered by Evolve Bank & Trust, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The full completion of these services is conditioned to identity verification performed by Synapse Financial Inc. or Evolve Bank & Trust.
The timely availability of resources is dependent on how timely the instructions of payment were done by the client and restrictions can be applied in regard to the prevention of fraud. As such, the availability of resources may vary from a transfer period to another. The coverage of FDIC insurance is limited to USD 250.000 per client account per banking institution. To get more information about the coverage of FDIC insurance, go to www.FDIC.gov. Each client is responsible for managing their total assets in each of the banks' programs to determine the FDIC coverage extension according to FDIC regulations. Nomad Fintech Inc provides our services and it is headquartered in the United States, is registered at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Adviser, providing its services exclusively in the United States and related to investment products from the United States. Nomad Fintech Inc is not authorized by the Brazilian Comissão de Valores Mobiliários to offer direct services of securities distribution to resident investors, domiciled or incorporated into the Federative Republic of Brazil, the reason being why no reference here stated should be understood as a direct service offer to these investors.

Thus, based on the Parecer Orientador CVM number 33/2005, Nomad Fintech Inc ("Nomad") holds a contract with a regulated institution in Brazil, which is part of the Brazilian security distribution, duly authorized by the Brazilian Federal Bank (Banco Central do Brasil - "Bacen") and the Security Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários - "CVM"), FRAM Capital DTVM S. A., registered CNPJ/ME number 13.673.855/0001-25 (the “Brazilian partner” or “Fram Capital”), by which it offers the access to Nomad's Services to investors who are resident, domiciled or incorporated by the Federative Republic of Brazil. The services offered by the Brazilian Partner should not be considered securities offered to these investors. Nomad provides its services exclusively in the United States and under the rules and regulations applicable to the U.S. Such services were not registered or are subjected to CVM's supervision or another Brazilian regulation institution. To register complaints or ask for support, clients who are residents or domiciled in Brazil who happen to become Nomad's clients through the intermediation of the Brazilian Partner, are welcome to contact us at support@nomadglobal.com or +55 (11) 4200-0204.

Certain investment services in the United States are offered by DriveWealth LLC, a member of FINRA e SIPC. SIPC is an institution that protects customers' accounts up to US$ 500.000 (five hundred thousand American dollars), including US$ 250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars) in cash payment requests. To learn more about SIPC, go to www.sipc.org. The insurance provided by SIPC does not cover the funds deposited on DriveWealth. Banking deposits are not covered by SIPC. Your investments are kept in an individual account on DriveWealth. Check this company's register on BrokerCheck, a FINRA managed tool. Although Nomad carefully checks the potential gains based on the market's current and historical events development, we do not make any representation as to the probability that any real or proposed allocation will in fact reach a determined result of the investment objective. Past performances are not guaranteed a future outcome and the volatility means that eventual gains in any given period can be significantly superior or inferior if compared to a previous period. Some clients can have investment outcomes materially different from those that we eventually indicate in one of our investment tools. Investments in Nomad can lose market value. Nomad is not capable of predicting the market fluctuations or other external uncertainties that can affect the value of any investment. The predictions indicated in each model are inherently limited since it does not represent economic or market factors that could have had an impact and affect our recommendations.

In order to obtain useful investment guidance, as an individual, you must carefully consider the adaptation of the suggested portfolios in light of your own financial circumstances, including needs of cash flow, fiscal needs, investment profile, and other subjective factors. It is recommended that you use all available resources to inform yourself about investments in general, as well as investments and the overall composition of your portfolio. Besides, both the market conditions and your own financial circumstances can shift over time – perhaps suddenly or gradually. Managing and adjusting to these conditions to adapt yourself to these circumstances is your responsibility, and you should reassess any investment program regularly to make sure it is still consistent considering your current financial resources and investment addressed to future objectives. In addition to that, recommendations of fiscal or tributary nature related to the investments done through Nomad must be obtained by the client, who must assess the possible impacts originated by these issues before deciding on a given investment. Investing in securities involves risks, including possible losses. Investments based on a currency that is not the same as the investor can be impacted by changes in exchange fee taxes, resulting in an undesired effect on the value, price, or revenue originated by the investment.

Trademarks, logos, and service brands that are part of the Services, including, among others, the trademark "Nomad", are trademarks registered and service brands from Nomad. Other names and company logos, products, and services used and shown on Services might be from commercial brands or service brands from their respective owners, who might or might not support, affiliate, or connect to us. No part of the Services should be interpreted as a concession, implicit or not, of any license or right of use of any trademark and service brand shown in Services, without our previous permission in writing over each instance. To learn more about Data Privacy and Data Holder's Rights service, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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