Global account

Enjoy the experience of having a global financial life with Nomad

Nomad is the first Brazilian fintech to offer a U.S. dollar-based account. Have a look at the complete solution to simplify your global financial life!

Convenience with your account and Nomad card

In-store and online shopping from stores abroad, making payments, and signing up for digital services in various countries.
Travel with your Nomad card, make withdrawals, and save up to 10% in shopping.
Receive American dollars from anywhere in the world and make transfers to Nomad accounts or U.S.-based accounts.

Transparent exchange rates

Add money and exchange transactions directly through the app, using the commercial U.S. dollar rate and only 1,1% IOF* (*Financial transaction tax).

Safety Commitment

Headquartered in the United States, Nomad offers access to an American account, opened with Evolve Bank & Trust, a partner of FDIC, secured for up to US$ 250,000.
Icone cartão de débito

Globally accepted

Nomad's clients have international physical and virtual debit card to enjoy their travels, shop, and make withdrawals in over 180 countries.

Transferências rápidas

Receba transferências de qualquer lugar do mundo via ACH ou Wire e envie dólares para contas americanas de forma simples e segura.

Investimentos internacionais

Invista em mercados estrangeiros e crie patrimônio em moeda forte com sua conta Nomad.

Enough with the abusive fees

Have a global and complete account in a single app without any hidden fees.

US$ 0,00
US$ 0,00
Minimum balance
US$ 0,00
Nomad to Nomad transfers
US$ 0,00
Nomad card annual fee
US$ 0,00
Nomad card transactions
US$ 0,00

Confira a tabela completa de tarifas e limites da Nomad.

Brazilian Portuguese customer support

Nosso time de especialistas está preparado para atender as demandas da sua vida financeira global

Creating your account is simple

It’s necessary to be a Brazilian born or naturalized, older than 18 years old, and have an address in Brazil. Next, present an updated version of any of these documents:
Icone identidade
RG (Social Security Number)
Icone documento
CNH (National driving license)
Icone global
Brazilian passport

Download the app now and create your global account with Nomad within minutes

Frequently asked questions

What is the Nomad global account?

Nomad global account is the perfect checking account for those who wish to travel or invest abroad. With a 100% free and digital opening process, you gain an international card and exclusive benefits, like access to Nomad’s VIP Room, Nomad Pass, and much more! 

What are the benefits of Nomad’s account?

Nomad’s account is 100% free, digital, and U.S. dollar-based! Being a Nomad client means you have access to thousands of stores around the world using your digital or physical card, investing in the U.S., receiving payments from abroad, gaining points with Nomad Pass, getting discounts, and many other benefits. 

Can I send money from my Nomad bank account to other American banks?

Yes! You can send money from your Nomad account to other Nomad accounts free of charge. If you wish to make payments to American accounts, there is a fixed US$ 10 fee per transaction.

Can I receive international transfers on my Nomad account?

Sure you can! Simply inform your account information to the person sending the money and you’ll be able to receive international transfers directly to your Nomad account.

How can I send funds from my Nomad account to my Brazilian bank account?

You can send funds from your Nomad account to other bank accounts as long as you own it with your name. The process can be held directly in the app, by accessing the “Transfers” section > “To my Brazil account”.